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NAB: Clear-Com Partners with Optocore, BroaMan

Complete Coverage: NAB Show 2013

During the 2013 NAB Show this week, voice
communications systems provider Clear-Com has been highlighting an expanded
partnership with fiber network specialists, Optocore and BroaMan to show
digital distribution of audio, HD video, data and intercom over fiber.

together, Clear-Com, Optocore and BroaMan provide turnkey offerings for
studios, mobile productions and stadiums.

looking to illustrate how easy it is for professional broadcasters handling a
large remote event to set up a video, audio, communications and data backbone
quickly and efficiently utilizing Clear-Com and BroaMan/Optocore solutions,"
says Bob Boster, President of Clear-Com in a statement. "We are happy to
partner with BroaMan once again to bring further connectivity options to our

demonstrate the partnership, Clear-Com and BroaMan have connected their booths
via fiber-optic cable. There are four kiosks representing a typical network
which includes a control room and studio. All four kiosks are linked with the
Optocore and BroaMan fiber solutions for audio, HD video, intercom and data.
Clear-Com is simulating an announce/commentary application by feeding intercom
and IFB to the talent via Optocore and BroaMan, as well as transporting HD
video, on-air talent and talkback from the announce station to all of the