NAB: Chyron Launches 'Engage' Social TV Platform

In another sign of the growing demand for social media and social TV technologies, Chyron is launching Engage, a new platform to help broadcast clients integrate second screen, social media and social TV data into their live TV broadcasts.

The solution is designed to make those applications available through existing Chyron graphics system interfaces, which will streamline workflows and reduce the cost of adding second screen and other social media elements into their live news and sports programming.

"Our customers are leaders in their markets and are by nature, innovators and early adopters of leading-edge tools," said Michael Wellesley-Wesley, president and CEO at Chyron in a statement. "Engage offers easy access to tools from top companies working in second screen environments. By building these technologies into the TV production workflow, Engage gives artists and producers the means to take content such as Twitter feeds, polls, text messages, and other viewer-generated data to air within their live broadcasts."

As part of the effort, Chyron is partnering with a number of companies who will supply tools for the Engage platform. These partners include ConnecTV, which will offer its companion app polling technology and, which will provide technology for an end-to-end social TV platform, synchronized companion apps and participation TV.

In addition Vibes with offer its text, Twitter and Web voting technology and Mass Relevance will supply a curation platform that is licensed to resyndicate Twitter content and data.