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NAB: Chyron Bows Next-Generation Graphics

Longtime graphics supplier Chyron is introducing three new software-based graphics systems at NAB, and demonstrating an end-to-end graphics workflow that allows for remote graphics creation over local- or wide-area networks (LAN/WAN).

The new HyperX2 is now Chyron’s flagship product, an HD/SD graphics creation and playout engine that replaces HyperX, while LEX2 replaces the LEX, LX and HX200 systems. Both systems can run Chyron’s advanced creation and playout software option, Lyric PRO 7, and use Chyron’s Interfuse technology that uses metadata to guide automated graphics creation. Finally, the new SOLO2 provides broadcasters with a graphics “system-in-a-briefcase” for networks or mobile truck vendors requiring a fast, available graphics channel for live production.

The HyperX2 HD/SD-switchable, single- or dual-channel system provides simultaneous, dual-channel HD animation rendering functionality; Integrated Video Mixer with optional Audio Mixer; Optional 3D DVE and Second Video Input; Adaptive Primitives and FBX Importer within Lyric PRO, for 3D interoperability; and “Intelligent Transitions” for multi-scene compositing within Lyric PRO.

“It’s a quantum leap in performance and technology,” says Chyron Chief Technology Officer Kevin Prince.

On the show floor, Chyron is demonstrating a complete system based on Interfuse that incorporates remote graphics creation and centralized device playout. A key component of Interfuse is the Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), a software language that allows metadata to enforce business rules for automated graphics templates, such as making sure a political figure’s name is always spelled correctly in on-screen graphics. As broadcasters look to outsource/and or remotely produce graphics, metadata capability will be increasingly important, says Prince.

“True graphics asset management is finally available to broadcasters to empower their workflow,” he says.