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NAB 2017: Industry Is Ultra Bullish About Ultra HD

Las Vegas—Mass consumer adoption of Ultra HD is still out on the horizon, but the various facets that make up the broadcast and video industries are busily preparing today for what they see as a promising future for the next-gen video format.

“The demand is there [for UHD] and the industry is excited to fulfill it,” Madeleine Noland, consultant with LG Electronics and an exec representing the Ultra HD Forum, said here Monday on a panel session dedicated to the topic. “UHD is going to take off. The signs are all there.”

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Among those signs are the raw numbers and adoption forecasts. The Consumer Technology Association announced earlier this year that the rate of adoption of Ultra HD-capable TVs has already surpassed that of HDTV sets. The CTA expects 15 million UHD sets to be sold in the U.S. by the end of 2017, and balloon to 24.5 million by the end of 2020.

Other organizations, media giants, and broadcasters are already putting their weight behind Ultra HD, and the various next-gen video and audio aspects that will underpin it, including 4K resolution, wide-color gamut and high-dynamic range.

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