NAB 2010: Miranda Sharpens 3D Focus

NAB 2010: CompleteCoverage From B&C

Routing, branding and
infrastructure gear supplier Miranda touted new stereoscopic 3D capabilities at
NAB and announced a licensing deal with 3D compression specialist Sensio
Technologies to develop a line of 3D playout products.

Miranda showed a 3D version of its
Kaleido-X multi-viewer at last year's show, and this year unveiled a
stereoscopic 3D option for its Imagestore 750 channel branding processor that
provides two 3D branding layers with dual 1.5 Gbps inputs and offers a variable
‘Z-plane' for graphics depth control to optimize viewing.

Miranda has also formed a partnership
with fellow Canadian firm Sensio Technologies, which specializes in spatial
compression techniques for 3D, to develop a range of broadcast products
supporting end-to-end, stereoscopic 3D playout. Miranda launched its first
product equipped with the Sensio technology at NAB, the Densite 3DX-3901
Stereoscopic 3D video processor module, which provides high quality conversion
of multiple 3D formats.

The Densite 3DX-3901 provides
conversion of Dual 1.5Gbps, Dual 3Gbps, Single 1.5Gbps, and Single 3Gbps signals
and features a single 3Gbps/HD input and dual 3Gbps/HD outputs to allow
previewing of conversion effects, as well as 3D/2D simulcasting. The processor
also offers horizontal and vertical flip, interaxial adjustment, and horizontal
image translation for adjustments to depth positioning, and for simulating a 3D
landscape from a 2D scene.

"This converts from anything to
anything," said Miranda Chief Technology Officer Michel Proulx.

Miranda has already sold its 3D
gear to All Mobile Video for its new 53-foot 3D HD production truck, "Epic,"
which was on display in the Sony booth at NAB. Epic has been equipped with
eight Kaleido-X16 and two Kaleido-X multi-viewers for stereoscopic 3D
monitoring, as well as the new 3DX-3901 processor, which will be used to
convert among various types of stereoscopic 3D signals. When the truck is used
for 2D events, the 3DX-3901 will serve as a normal 3Gbps/HD frame sync and
up/down/cross converter, avoiding the doubling up of equipment in the truck. 

Proulx notes that Miranda has been
able to bring 3D gear to market quickly because it has been able to modify
existing products. He says that he's been surprised by the quick rollout of 3D
productions this year and how well early broadcasts have been received by
consumers. He adds that he is hearing "tremendous interest" from customers in
Miranda's 3D offerings.

"They're asking the kind of
questions where you know they're not just thinking about it, they're making
drawings," he said.