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Mushroom Networks Launches Streamer

The broadband bonding technology firm Mushroom Networks has announced a new portable 3G/4G cellular bonding device, the Streamer, that is designed to stream live, high quality video to the web.

"Streamer is designed for video professionals who already have a streaming system that uses wired Internet and related processes in place," explained Cahit Jay Akin, the company's CEO and co-founder in a statement. "Streamer simply replaces the wired Internet connectivity in their existing streaming setup. In other words, they keep their encoder and video server/CDN setup and configuration exactly as it is and simply slide in the Streamer solution as the Internet connection which is optimized for live video streaming."

Weighing as little as 1.3 pounds, Streamer is extremely portable, and comes standard with up to eight USB ports, one RJ-45 Ethernet connector, a built-in WiFi, built-in rechargeable battery option, support for most common video streaming protocols and video servers.

The device allows webcasters to simply plug in the encoded video and audio feed from their encoder or video switcher, including Flash Media Live Encoder on a laptop, Wirecast, Tricaster and TouchStream and stream to the web via aggregated 3G/4G wireless data cards.