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Multiplatform TV: Showtime's Blank Likes Business Model

“We see that the impact of multiplatform on our business is incremental – incremental to the extreme,” Matt Blank, chairman and CEO of Showtime Networks, said Wednesday, giving the lead keynote at a conference on that very topic.

Blank gave an example. When Dexter, the drama series about a forensic scientist who's also serial killer targeting deserving victims, premiered in 2006, subscribers viewed episodes live on Showtime about 70%-75% of the time. When the show ended last September, after eight seasons on the air, about 70%-75% of viewing was being done on a delayed basis, Blank said. And in that final season, ratings were 300% of what they were in season one, he said.

“That’s the graph you want to carry with you everywhere you go when you talk about this,” he told Multichannel News editor in chief Mark Robichaux at The Business of Multiplatform TV Summit. “These are enabling technologies, and they’re particularly enabling when you have something you really want to see and a brand that’s really strong, like Showtime at the moment.”

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