Multiplatform TV: Distribution/Content on Convergent Paths

New York — With today – and tomorrow’s -- myriad distribution outlets there come many paths to not only reach viewers/users but develop content that will appeal to them as well.

That was among the key takeaways from the “Consumer’s Experience” panel at NewBay Media’s The Business of Multiplatform TV conference Wednesday.

While NBC and other traditional programmers have largely focused on distributing content from their linear networks across additional digital and mobile platforms, a number of panelists indicated that they have achieved success by moving in the opposite direction.

“The one area we haven’t been involved in is cable and direct satellite distribution,” said Barry Myers, CEO of AccuWeather, “Unlike many companies who started out there and are now looking at other technologies, we’ve achieved distribution in sort of the reverse way.”

AccuWeather, which provides localized weather information on 1.3 billion devices worldwide in more than 100 languages, is now increasing its focus on more traditional, linear distribution, according to Myers.  

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