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MTV Launches On-Demand Ads

MTV Networks is teaming with small cable operator Sunflower Broadband to deliver on-demand advertising that promotes Paramount Pictures' and MTV Films' upcoming theatrical release, Jackass: Number Two, using dynamic insertion technology from video-on-demand supplier SeaChange and advertising software firm Atlas On Demand.

Beginning this week, Lawrence, Kansas-based Sunflower will begin inserting commercials for Jackass: Number Two which premieres Sept. 22, into on-demand content from Comedy Central. The commercials will be dynamically inserted at the moment a Sunflower subscriber requests Comedy Central on-demand content, and can be updated on the fly; the plan is to update the Jackass commercials several times during the on-demand campaign, which runs into October.

Media buying firm Mediaedge:cia is managing the campaign, which is the first time SeaChange's dynamic ad insertion technology has been used to deliver on-demand ads for a national cable network and national advertising client.

SeaChanges says the dynamic insertion process represents a significant improvement from the previous method of delivering on-demand advertising, which required integrating the ads into the VOD content before it was loaded onto the VOD server and made updating ads a time-consuming process. SeaChange will also be able to deliver detailed measurement data regarding viewership of the Jackass: Number Two spots.