MTV, Axe Resurrect 'Dating' Show The Gamekillers

MTV and Axe, the company behind the ubiquitous deodorant bodyspray, teamed up to resurrect The Gamekillers.

The show first debuted on MTV in February 2006 as a special, which coincided with Axe’s release of its stick-deodorant line. For the second go-around, set to debut Sept. 21, they are bringing Gamekillers back as a series.

The show follows unsuspecting guys going on dates with beautiful women, while “gamekillers” try and block their chances with the ladies. Everyone except the male protagonist will be played by actors who in on the joke. If the guy makes the right moves and keeps the girl, he gets his name inscribed on the "Ancient Axe Gamekillers Chalice."

Gamekillers is back, and the MTV audience is in for another wild ride,” said John Shea, executive vice president of integrated marketing and brand partnerships for MTVN Music and Logo Group. “Together, working with Axe, we are creating an engaging programming experience that exemplifies what MTV can do with a marketing partner that is innovative, creative and willing to push the envelope with us.”

The series was developed by Axe, along with ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty. The consumer-products company approached MTV with the concept, thinking it was the most relevant network for the show to air on. Axe’s ad campaigns target young men aged 14-35, a target demo that fits neatly with MTV’s viewership.

Axe, BBH and production company produce the series, in conjunction with MTV.

Gamekillers will debut on MTV Sept. 21 at 7 p.m.