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Motive Television Expands into the U.S.

Motive Television PLC has set up a U.S. subsidiary, Motive Television Inc., as part of a strategy to capitalize on the growing demand for TV Everywhere products that can deliver content to multiple platforms.
"North America, and specifically the United States, represent a very large and strategic opportunity for our Motive TV Anytime Anywhere technology platform," Leonard M. Fertig, CEO, notes in a statement. "This is a very competitive media marketplace, and all of the players are working to upgrade their technology platforms to expand their ability to deliver content to consumers through multiple devices. Our subsidiary allows us to better address the unique and specific client and consumer needs of the U.S. market and is the logical expansion of our existing European operations."
Motive's solution allows for content to be viewed or recorded on a DVR set-top box. Users can then access that content on additional devices from the DVR, an approach that the company believes overcomes some of the content rights issues faced by multichannel providers seeking to deploy TV Everywhere services.