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Most Consumers Not Sold On 3DTV Yet

People are interested in 3DTV for certain special events and
programming -- and would expect to pay an average of $20 more per month
to get 3D service from their pay-TV provider -- but issues including the
hassle of wearing glasses threaten to dampen adoption, according to a
new survey.

Of consumers in the market for a new TV set, 29% said they would
consider purchasing a 3DTV set in the next 12 months, meaning the
majority are currently expecting to stick with conventional 2D
televisions, according to research conducted by Nielsen that was
commissioned by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for

In fact, purchase interest among those planning to buy a new TV in the
next year actually decreased after they saw a 3DTV demonstration,
experienced the glasses and learned more about product costs. The survey
of 425 consumers, who first watched a 30-minute reel of 3DTV
programming, was conducted in June and July 2010.

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