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MobiTV Expands Data Center for Movie Delivery

As part of its international expansion, MobiTV has upgraded its data center to handle multiscreen delivery of motion picture content. The new system is capable of ingesting and processing petabytes of data and has been surveyed by Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. to ensure its security for ingesting, encoding and storing movies.

The MPAA assessment opens the door for MobiTV to ingest media libraries from major movie studios and store movie content in high-resolution formats for multiscreen delivery, the company reported.

"To manage and prepare the high-quality source files for our partners we need an infrastructure capable of reliably and securely ingesting the file, encoding it and storing it for downloading or streaming," explained MobiTV CEO Charlie Nooney in a statement. "The extension of the data center, together with our policy-based DRM and MPAA's examination, showcases MobiTV's capabilities to carry out this process in a secure environment for service providers."

As part of the move to expand its services for delivering movies to multiple screens, MobiTV also joined the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem LLC, the consortium backing the deployment of Ultraviolet services, and it is working with Texas Instruments to improve the delivery of secure HD content on Texas Instrument's OMAP platform.