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MLG Chooses Octoshape for Global Multicast

professional video game league Major League Gamming (MLG) recently
selected Octoshape's multicast technologies for the delivery of live
video over the public internet to viewers in over 100 countries of its
2010 MLG National Championships.

The development is notable
because multicasting technologies, which have long been used to deliver
high quality video over private enterprise and TV networks, have been
difficult use for delivery of content over the public internet, given
the limitations of those networks in terms of bandwidth and quality of
services. Their successful use for the MLG championships could help
change the rules that govern online distribution, making it easier to
delivery higher quality video over the limited bandwidth of the public

Sundance Giovanni, CEO and co-founder of MLG noted in a
statement that "we aggressively sought a new-era content delivery
approach to extend video to our far-flung worldwide audience.
Octoshape's multicast over public network's strategy enabled us to
deliver the highest-quality live video experience to them using far less
infrastructure and bandwidth than would have been required with a
traditional CDN offering."