Sets 2010 Season Prices

Major League Baseball Advanced Media has set the prices for
its 2010 and Premium services. is MLBAM's live streaming
video service, allowing fans to watch any baseball games live on their computer
(with the exception of those blacked out in local markets).

The regular service will be priced at $99.95 for the year,
while the premium installment will run $119.95. Those prices are up from 2009,
when the regular version was $79.95 and the premium $109.95.

Of course, with the price increases come feature
enhancements. Unlike 2009, high definition-quality video will be available to
all subscribers, not just premium members.

There will also be a fantasy player tracker, which will let
you save players that are on your fantasy baseball team. The service will then
send you an alert when one of your players is on deck so you can tune in. There
will also be a pitch by pitch application which will feed you live stats as to
how the pitcher fares against a particular batter, or how they do late in
games. Both "Pitch by Pitch" and the fantasy tracker will be available to all

Premium subscribers also get DVR functionality, allowing
them to pause and rewind live games, a choice of the home or away broadcast
feed and the multi-game view, which allows for up to four games to streamed at

As was the case last season, MLBAM also promises portability
for 2010, with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad support available off the bat with
the purchase of the At Bat app in the Apple App Store.