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Migliozzi Opens His Own Ad Agency

Michael Migliozzi, who used the devil to promote a religious channel and tried unsuccessfully to sell NBC on a co-op Super Bowl spot, has opened his own ad agency with a partial money-back guarantee.

Migliozzi, formerly a partner of Cesario Migliozzi, has formed a new L.A. agency, Forza Migliozzi. To try to get clients in the door at a tough time, Migliozzi says he will waive the creative fees for any ad campaign that does not boost gross sales by 10% or more.

Migliozzi drew nationwide attention last December with a campaign to use the devil as an "anti-spokesperson" for rebranding the Prayer Channel to NET (New Evangelism Television), then followed that up with an attempt to sell NBC on a Super Bowl spot in which he wanted to line up enough advertisers (eight) at $395,000 a pop to cover the cost of a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl Feb. 1 that would have featured a promotion for all of them.

The proposal ultimately did not fly with NBC.