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Miami's WLRN-TV Selects NVerzion

Automation provider NVerzion has announced that the Miami PBS station WLRN-TV has purchased a new automation system from the company.

The deployment of NVerzion's Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS) was made as part of the station’s transition to an all-HD file-based workflow and the construction of a new master control operations center managed by NVerzion automation.

Cornerstone Wireless was responsible for the system integration.

The system now controls a significant amount of WLRN's workflow, from ingest and dubbing to scheduled satellite recordings and playout.

"During the transition to file-based workflow, we essentially rebuilt master control from scratch,” explained Scott Ritchie, engineer at WLRN in a statement. “NVerzion's CLASS not only streamlines our operations, but it also enables us to deliver 100-percent HD programming, which is very important for increasing viewer satisfaction."

Ritchie estimated that based on the operational savings, the station expects that “the automation system will provide a return on investment within three years."