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'Meet the Press' Leaps Into Flipboard

NBC News' Meet The Press with David Gregory has become the first of the network Sunday morning public affairs shows to launch a product on Flipboard that allows users to dig much deeper in the topics being covered by the show, reports Rob Yarin, the show’s executive producer.

Flipboard is a social media aggregation site that allows users to put together media from an array of sources to create "magazines" with text, photos and video. It currently has about 90 million users.

The show's section on Flipboard takes topics like the government shutdown and aggregates a variety of articles, media, video and other media on the subject from multiple sources and perspectives. Content comes from both NBC News and outside publishers and media.

"The idea is to provide multiple perspectives from all ends of the spectrum and give viewers a deeper dive into the coverage," Yarin explains.

Early reaction has been very good, he adds. About 15,000 people used the offering for its debut on September 29, a number that doubled in the second week.

The effort is part of a larger push "to find new ways to deliver content to our audience and extend the experience to other platforms," he adds.