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Mediaocean Launches Connect

Ad software provider Mediaocean has launched its Connect partner platform, which allows ad servers, data solution providers, supply businesses, and technology providers to easily deploy services on the Mediaocean software used by the world’s largest agencies.

The system is designed to help these providers increase their revenue by offering new services to agencies and to help agencies find technologies and systems that can help them in their business.

Currently the Mediaocean software handles $130 billion in global advertising and is used by some 80,000 agency employees.

Initial partners for the Connect platform include Comcast, PointRoll, VisualIQ Pandora and others.

“The ad tech ecosystem is rich with solutions that drive efficiency, intelligence, and targeted audience buying,” said Bill Wise, CEO, Mediaocean. “What’s missing is a single platform to help bring those solutions within agency tech stacks and operations, across digital and traditional media. Connect is that single platform. Connect is doing for ad tech what Apple did to the mobile space and what Bloomberg did for financial trading—bringing outside information and applications into core systems.”

In a statement, Matt McConnell, senior VP and GM of Comcast Wholesale added that “Connect is an incredibly powerful pathway into agencies.”

“Through Connect, Comcast AdDelivery becomes an integral part of the Mediaocean platforms—and, by extension, an integral part of the advertising operations,” he said.