mDialog Partners With DoubleClick By Google

Video stream management technology provider mDialog has announced that it is partnering with DoubleClick by Google on technologies for delivering targeted ads across multiple devices.

The companies will combine mDialog’s Smart Stream Dynamic Ad Insertion service with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Video in a way that they believe will be able to scale up to the very large audiences that they compare to primetime TV levels.

“DoubleClick is excited to partner with mDialog to provide a solution to the television broadcasting industry that will enable broadcasters to scale to the viewership levels of primetime TV audiences,” notes Rany Ng, product management director, DoubleClick.  "Our joint solution can deliver seamless, targeted commercial break experiences into any IP connected environment, with zero ad buffering."

The companies noted that the combined solution can handle up to 1.5 million ads per ad break in terms of deciding which ads to serve and inserting them and deal with a peak number of 250,000 unique concurrent streams without buffering.

The solution also has the ability to scale beyond 250,000 unique concurrent streams with a configuration change.