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McDonald's, NBCU Partner on Monopoly Marketing Campaign

This fall McDonald's will be rolling the dice on NBC's fall line-up. The fast-food empire will be running integrated ads, called "$1 Million Dice Roll" on the upcoming Jay Leno Show to promote the 2009 Monopoly game. The campaign will also run on NBC's Sunday Night Football and other primetime shows.

The in-show promotion starts Oct. 6 and runs for 29 days. As part of the campaign, Leno (who worked at a McDonald's while in high school) will mention the contest during his show followed by an ad break in which actors from NBC's primetime lineup will roll a pair of dice. If a pair of sixes is rolled, one Internet contestant, registering to play at, wins $1 million. Otherwise, the selected contestant wins $10,000.

McDonald's will be promoting Leno and Monopoly on packages and game boards in its restaurants, including "tune-in" messaging on products in the restaurant.

The initiative comes at a time when marketers, looking for price rollbacks in a stalled upfront, are hoping for increased integration into shows. It is the first major ad buy for Leno's new show, though McDonald's has not committed a season-long deal.