A McCormick Family Feud?

Did a family drama erupt in the middle of a Wall Street Journal article last week?

Luke McCormick, a young staffer at video-sharing site Bolt.com, was featured in a June 6 Journal story concerning "Hazy Monday," a video that he and Bolt colleague Geoff Gresh had produced and posted to the site.

A parody of the "Lazy Sunday" short from Saturday Night Live that went viral before NBC ordered sites like Bolt and YouTube to pull it, "Monday" has McCormick and Gresh rapping about downloading pirated movies.

The article quotes McCormick saying NBC’s cease-and-desist orders show it "doesn’t really get it" and that letting its clips go viral was "the only thing that was going to get anyone our age to watch Saturday Night Live."

And by the way, the Journal adds a line later, McCormick’s father, Doug, just happens to be an NBC Universal executive (the former Lifetime chief was CEO of iVillage, a recent NBC U acquisition).

Whoops? Well, no. According to an NBC U spokesperson, McCormick the Elder left iVillage in May.

And in any case, there’s no McCormick feud.

"He’s very proud of me," says McCormick. "My dad’s just pissed off that I got my picture in the Wall Street Journal before he did." (Read the complete interview with McCormick the Younger at www.bcbeat.com.)

Waxing idealistic about "a media revolution that’s been building steam for years," Young Luke says his dad "understands what’s going on. He’s part of the revolution in his own way."

Happy Father’s Day!