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Matrix Upgrades Sales System

Matrix Solutions is adding a number of new features to the next release of its Media CRM and Sales Analytics Software, which is scheduled for June 22.

The new release will feature the ability to automate the reconciliation process. The Matrix system will automatically close deals when it recognizes matching dollars from the daily traffic system import.

If the dollars don't match, the system will deduct the amount and leave the remainder in pending. It will also notify the sales person if additional actions are needed.

"We are very excited for this next release as it has an abundance of new tools that afford our users a better experience overall, coupled with greater efficiencies and effectiveness," said DJ Cavanaugh, CEO, Matrix Solutions.

Other features include a deals icon that has been added to the top level navigation; ability to forecast from a complete listing of accounts; the ability to set default outlets and revenue types for deals; improved revenue history features; and features that show how each deals impacts the user's "book of business," the company notes.