Matrix Upgrades Sales Software

Matrix Solutions has launched a new product release that will include a Sales Intelligence Module in its Media CRM and Sales Intelligence software.

The Sales Intelligence Module, which users can purchase as part of the Matrix Premium product; will initially include Sales Coverage Analysis, Sales Retention Analysis, and New Business Analysis features.

The release will be available to all users on Feb. 15, 2014.

"Our Matrix Premium release is a game-changer for Media Sales Management as it provides the tools necessary for deep Sales Intelligence analytics not only from a historical perspective, but from a forward-thinking perspective," explained DJ Cavanaugh, CEO, Matrix Solutions in a statement. "It also provides an advanced level of integrated insight across the top of an entire enterprise while enabling scalability from the high-level overview to the need to quickly drill down to individual Station, Outlet, Category, Account Executive or more."

In addition to the Sales Intelligence features, the new release will include the new Matrix Espresso Shot tools, which provides a daily email on performance compared to budget, the day's scheduled activities, and other information.

The release also includes an enhanced LinkedIn pod to help users find contact information and connections.