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Matrix Launches New CRM and Sales System

Matrix Solutions has announced that it has
launched the newest version of its CRM and sales management
software system and that the company's entire customer base, which entails a
total of 285 stations and over 3700 users, has been automatically upgraded to
the new release.

product and development teams have not stopped since we introduced our new
web-based CRM and Sales Management System last year," said
DJ Cavanaugh, CEO and partner of Matrix Solutions, in a statement. He also noted
that they had "established an advisory group of industry leaders that have
helped identify sales challenges as well as innovative ideas" to improve the
system and adapt it to the rapidly changing marketplace.

features in the web-based and hosted product include a budget module that can
be used across the entire organization for annual revenue planning purposes.
That means budget plans can be built "bottom-up" from account to an entire
individual outlet or division and then on up to the corporate level.

features that have been added since the product was launched in November of
2011 include: a "Quick Deals" feature to speed up a user's ability to enter and
update deals; calendar subscriptions within Outlook and Gmail; LinkedIn
integration; and Matrix Mobile, which allows users to access the system from
any mobile device.

include Media General, Belo Television, Townsquare Media, Journal Broadcasting
and Raycom Media.