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Masters of Creation: Production Tech

Aslew of new master control, switching, routing and other production technologies will be available at IBC2011, with vendors paying particular attention to product launches or equipment upgrades that will help create operational efficiencies.

“We will be showing some very impressive work flow solutions on both live production and studio production” for products the company is keeping under wraps until the market opens, notes Jeff Rosica, executive vice president, chief sales and marketing officer at Grass Valley.

Those yet-to-be announced products include less costly HD gear, Rosica adds.

Meanwhile, Snell will be upgrading or launching several products that are designed to improve filebased work flows, says Norman Rouse, VP of global marketing and public relations.

Snell will be adding a module to its Alchemist Ph.C-HD standards converter that will make it easier to handle both video and IP inputs, Rouse adds.

Snell will also be launching Centra Vite, a new router control con! guration tool that the company believes will significantly simplify set-up times for routers.

“When you are rolling a truck from one location to another, you want to make sure you can set things up as quickly as possible, and this makes that possible,” Rouse says.

Utah Scientific plans to show enhancements to its Utah-400 router switcher that take either ! ber or coax inputs or outputs. The company also will be demoing new capabilities for its master control MC- 4000. These include additional video effects and the fact that the MC-4000 can now also be hooked up to data feeds like sports scores or market tickers, says Scott Bosen, the company’s director of marketing.

This IBC will mark the European debut of the latest NEXIO AMP advanced media platform from Harris, the NEXIO Farad high-performance online storage system and Velocity 2.5 non-linear editing system, notes Glodina Connan-Lostanlen, senior manager of strategic marketing, work flow, infrastructure and networking, Harris Corp. Broadcast Communications.

“On work flow integration, we will also be showing a unified UI [user interface] between automation, asset management and broadcast management that tightens up work flows across the three distinct areas of sales, schedule and automation and DAM [digital asset management],” Connan-Lostanlen adds.

At IBC, Broadcast Pix will be unveiling its Granite 6000 system, which provides faster access to more sources with an expanded 2 M/E control panel. “It is our new " agship 2 M/E control panel for broadcasters and producers creating sophisticated shows with a lot of cameras,” says Ken Swanton, Broadcast Pix president.

As file-based work flows become the norm and most broadcasters move to HD, archiving solutions are also in high demand, reports Phil Storey, CEO of XenData.

“It is a good place to be in at the moment because of the transition to filebased work flows, and because HD makes archiving an even bigger problem because it requires even more capacity,” Storey says.

At IBC, XenData will be showing its new XenData6 Server, a new major release of its LTO archive management software. The company also recently announced better integration of its products with Harmonic’s Media Application Server and ProXplore, a move that will simplify archiving.

“Many existing installations around the globe already have both XenData archives and Harmonic storage and server infrastructure,” says Storey, who argues that “the tight integration of these two popular product ranges is likely to be a game-changer” because of how it will simplify the archiving efforts.

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