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Marketer Study: Coupons Trump Connected Data Concerns

Only 9% of consumers would share data from wearable Internet-connected technologies with marketers for free, but that percentage jumps to about 40% when a discount or coupon is the price of sharing data. That is according to a study by Acquity Group, a digital marketing subsidiary of Accenture Interactive, which found that 80% of consumers have some privacy concerns with the devices, but half would share the data from them if they got something in return.  

"Our data reveals a gap in consumers' fears of data privacy and their actual purchasing behavior," said Jay Dettling, president of Acquity Group. "To capitalize on these opportunities, companies should focus on specific benefits that sharing data will deliver to consumers."  

According to the study, the respondents were most willing to share data if it got them lifestyle-based coupons, better workout information, food and fitness gear coupons. 

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