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Logo Expands Social Media Efforts

As part of an effort to expand its already considerable social media efforts, Logo has put together an expanded package of social media applications for the Jan. 30 launch of RuPaul's Drag Race.

The social media campaign will include applications and activities on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, GetGlue, Foursquare, and the site. Some of these build on applications launched in earlier seasons for the show; others are new to the fourth season.

"As a small channel we wanted to find as many outlets as we can find to spread the world and expand our fan base on as many devices as possible," notes Dan Sacher, VP of digital for VH1 and Logo.

These efforts are designed not only to get in touch with potential fans on as many platforms as possible. Logo is also hoping that the expanded social media applications will help engage fans throughout the week before and after the show's linear TV airing, Sacher notes.

"We want fans engaged on multiple devices for the whole storyline on social for the other six days a week beyond the one hour show on Monday," Sacher adds.

Increased attention to social media over the last year helped double Logo's Facebook fans to about 500,000 and played an important role in the success of past seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race, which is the channel's most popular show.

Social media efforts for the new season launching tonight include a fantasy football-like game on Facebook, on-air elements in the episode that are tied to the fantasy game, live Tweeting by cast members during show premiers, Tweets from fans displayed on the TV show, GetGlue stickers for each of the premier episodes, Foursquare applications, LogoTalk! parties, postings of the first 10 minutes of each episode to the RuPaul's Drag Race Facebook page, Tumblr applications and a Drag Name Generator app on Facebook.

Later in the season, probably sometime in March, they will also offer Facebook downloads of a "You've Got SheMail" ringtone.

"We are looking to hit on every platform possible to amplify the social interaction" with the show throughout the week, noted Morgan Greco, director of marketing at Logo.

Some features that were previously available only online, this year will also be moving to mobile and tablet devices so it will be easier for fans to interact with the show, she adds.

Greco also notes that some features being added this year, such as the ringtone download, were based on requests from fans over the last year. "We continue to listen to what people are asking for and if we see opportunities there we will definitely consider launching" newer features as the show progresses, she said.

This year Absolut vodka will once again be integrated into the show and its digital efforts. "They are integrated into the apps, the site and are the key marquee sponsor for the game," notes Sacher.