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Logitech: Google Hasn't Asked Us to Halt Set-Top Shipments

Logitech on Monday denied a report that Google asked it to
temporarily suspend shipments of its Google TV-based set-top box pending
software updates.

Logitech was responding to a Dec. 24 report in DigiTimes,
a trade publication covering the Asian electronics industry. The
publication, citing unnamed sources, reported that Logitech had
instructed one of its manufacturing partners, Gigabyte Technology, to
temporarily suspend shipments of Revue set-top boxes from December 2010
to January 2011 waiting for Google "to complete updates or to launch a
new version of its software for Google TV."

In a statement, Logitech vice president of corporate communications
Nancy Morrison said, "Suggestions that production of the Logitech Revue
companion box might need to be halted to address software issues are
unfounded. As those familiar with the product know, it is not necessary
for Logitech to make changes to the companion box to accommodate future
enhancements to Google TV."

Logitech "is currently meeting the inventory needs of its retail
customers, continuing to ship products on schedule to meet their holiday
and post-holiday demand," Morrison said. However, she added, "Logitech
does not discuss the specific production plans for any of its products."

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