Limelight Orchestrate Upgrades to V3.0

Content delivery network (CDN) provider, Limelight Networks, Inc. has released a new version of the Limelight Orchestrate platform, with significant network and software enhancements in security, storage, mobile device support, purge, self-service and other areas. 

The release for Limelight Orchestrate V3.0 was more than two years in development. The company is billing it as the most comprehensive set of enhancements to its infrastructure, software and services offering in the company’s history.

“An exponential increase in the delivery of digital content is straining the capabilities of the internet, and today’s consumers are becoming increasingly impatient with poor quality of experience in accessing this rich content,” stated Limelight CEO Robert Lento in a statement. “Content owners are struggling with the challenge of providing high quality digital experiences in the face of Distributed Denial of Service attacks, network logjams, mobile device proliferation, and the increasing size of both content files and content libraries. Working with customers and partners, today we introduce market leading enhancements that simplify management, improve performance, and increase efficiency across Limelight’s solution offerings.”

Key features include faster content delivery to more devices and improved protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The V3.0 also includes such tools as DDoS Attack Interceptor; SmartPurge for removing content; Self Service Configuration Management; multi-device media delivery live transcoding and transmuxing capabilities; enhancements to storage and a variety of new analytics and reporting tools.