Limelight Networks Acquires Kiptronic

Limelight Networks has acquired Kiptronic Inc., a provider of solutions for device-targeted content delivery. Kiptronic's mobile-targeted and ad insertion technologies will allow Limelight to provide media and entertainment companies with the ability to have their ads follow their content, whether it is being viewed on iPods, iTunes, Xboxes or other mobile devices.

"A sweeping change in consumer behavior is driving a migration of media consumption from the PC to a wider variety of Internet-connected and mobile devices," said Limelight Networks Chairman and CEO Jeff Lunsford. "The combination of Limelight Networks' distributed computing and delivery platform with Kiptronic's device-targeting and dynamic ad insertion technologies will allow us to provide the world's largest media and entertainment companies a streamlined and scalable solution to this problem."

With Kiptronic's services, publishers can deliver content and advertisements tailored to mobile devices without changing their existing publishing, hosting, trafficking or reporting platforms. The company's web-based tools help advertisers detect and deliver dynamic video ads to connected devices with the same functionality as when they are delivered to web browsers.

Kiptronic works with content publishers such as NPR, Fox, The Guardian, Conde Nast, The Economist and