Lifetime Plans 13 th Annual Breast-Cancer Campaign

Lifetime Television's signature annual "Stop Breast Cancer for Life" campaign this year will feature several stars appearing in public-service announcements, including Whoopi Goldberg, Reba McEntire, Fran Drescher, Daisy Fuentes and National Football League players.

This year's campaign, its 13th, includes a first-ever theme song, "My Bra," to accompany a campaignwide slogan, "Be My Strength, Be My Support, Be My Bra," sung by Grammy Award-winner Mya.

The song will also be a part of Lifetime's specially-themed movie,Matters of Life & Dating, premiering Oct. 22. In context, the Lifetime breast-cancer campaign is using the word "bra" as slang for "friend," the way "bro" is used by some as a shortened derivative of "brother."

A sneak peak of the movie will be available on iTunes and on a Lifetime mini-Web site.