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Level 3 Launches Channel Origination Offering

Level 3 Communications is expanding its offerings with the launch of a Channel Origination service.

The platform uses Level 3’s global Vyvx broadcast technology and is designed to make it easier for broadcasters to create linear channels for playout to cable headends, MSOs and satellite TV providers.

Users of the service can provide their channel playlist and digital video files to Level 3 and the company will format and store those files until they’re ready for distribution over satellite or via fiber.

“Content providers increasingly want to spend more of their time developing compelling content and less time overseeing the complex processes required to deliver that content to their end users,” said Anthony Christie, chief marketing officer at Level 3, in a statement. “Through Level 3’s global fiber-based video distribution network, which enables us to securely and reliably deliver content anywhere in the world, our customers can increase their points of distribution, enabling them to scale more efficiently and focus on the growth of their business.”

In announcing the service, the company also noted that Channel Origination also serves as an entry point to Level 3 Video Cloud’s distribution service, which is a full suite of IP-based video services.