Level 3 Expands Uncompressed HD Services

broadcasters and programmers increasingly looking to offer the highest
possible HD video, Level 3 Communications has announced that its Vyvx
customers will now be able to transport uncompressed high definition
video between Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C.

means Level 3's fiber network is now able to handle 1.5 to 3.0 gigabits
per second transport of high definition feeds with no compression
locally within the three cities or between them. More cities are
expected to follow as demand increases for uncompressed HD feeds, which
offer the highest possible quality.

"Our network has the size and
scale broadcasters need to deliver even the largest events in
uncompressed HD," noted Mark Taylor, vice president of content and media
at Level 3 in a statement.

The new service is expected to be
particularly popular with high profile sporting events. In the few
years, Level 3 has worked with several broadcasters to deliver
uncompressed HD feeds from venues to their broadcast facilities and
earlier this year was tapped by CBS and the NFL to deliver an
uncompressed HD feed for the Super Bowl 2010 from Miami Florida to CBS's
facilities in New York City.