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Legere Apologizes for Offending EFF

John Legere served up a slice of humble pie Monday in the form of an open letter in which the outspoken T-Mobile CEO apologized for some disrespectful remarks directed to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) while remaining steadfast in a position that T-Mobile’s new and optional zero-rated Binge On streaming offering “absolutely supports Net Neutrality.”

Legere stirred things up last week when using Periscope to conduct a Q&A about Binge On. EFF asked if Binge On alters streams or just limits its bandwidth.  Legere offered some details and then said:  “Who the f*** are you, anyway, EFF? Why are you stirring up so much trouble, and who pays you?"

That didn’t go over well with members of EFF, and caused Sidefuse, the company behind 4Stream.TV, to announce that it was dropping out of the Binge On program.

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