Layer3 TV Reselling Broadband Using Verizon’s Network in Washington, D.C., Area

Layer3 TV, the Colorado-based pay-TV operator, is using Verizon’s fiber network in Washington, D.C., to market a broadband bundle as well as a stand-alone broadband service that delivers symmetrical speeds of 100 Mbps.

Layer3 TV isn’t commenting on the connection with Verizon, and Verizon has been asked for comment.

However, people familiar with the linkage said the broadband end of Layer3 TV’s offer in the Washington, D.C., area does use Verizon’s FTTP network. And while Verizon would perform the connection to the exterior of the customer’s house, Layer3 TV is on board to activate the service itself, as well as elements such as billing and customer care.

Layer3 TV’s pureFiber offer has appeared on its site for the Washington, D.C., area since at least last week. There, Layer3 TV is selling the pureFiber internet service (100 Mbps/100 Mbps) as a standalone for $69 per month (with a two-year agreement), or for $125 per month as part of a bundle ($75 per month for the Layer3 TV pay-TV service, and $50 for the 100-Meg broadband service). In Washington, D.C., Layer3 TV is also selling its TV service as a stand-alone for $85 per month, with no annual contract.

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