Layer3 TV Plays the Name Game

Layer3 TV, the stealthy "next generation" cable operator started up by two vets out of the cable realm, is still being hush-hush about its product, strategy and precise rollout date, but hints at what its resulting service might be called are starting to appear. 

As spotted by The Donohue Report, the Denver-based startup filed an application for the trademark “Galileo TV,” an apparent homage to the Italian physicist, mathematician, engineer, astronomer, philosopher and all around long-deceased smart guy. And maybe it’ll be the brand name of Layer3 TV’s IP-powered multiscreen video service that’s expected to launch later this year.

Or not. Like most companies that are developing new products, Layer3 TV will probably be making a batch of relatively inexpensive intent-to-use trademark filings in the weeks and months to come so it can create a solid list of name from which it can safely pick. According to the USPTO, the Layer3 TV filed its application for Galileo TV on March 4.

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