FOR-A to Launch New 4K Super Slo-mo Camera

Broadcast and video equipment vendor FOR-A is planning to debut its new FT-ONE camera, which it is billing as the world's first full 4K super slow motion camera, at the Cine Gear Expo starting on June 1 in Hollywood.

The camera, which uses the company's high-sensitivity CMOS color sensor "FT1-CMOS", records and plays back full 4K (4096 x 2160) imagery and can record in super slo-mo images at up to 1,000 frames per second.

Images are captured as uncompressed raw data on the system's internal RAM memory, which has a recording capacity of 8.5 seconds, and then stored on one of two hot-swappable SSD cartridges, each of which is capable of hold 75 seconds of full 4K resolution images or a total of 150 seconds for the two SSD cartridges.

"While digital cinematography has been widely adopted within the motion picture production and post-production communities, there has been a technology gap-the ability to record super slow motion image at full 4K resolution," said Hiro Tanoue, president for FOR-A Corporation of America, in a statement. "The new FT-ONE completes the 4K workflow by introducing this ability, with the high-level performance this application demands."

The camera, which uses a PL mount lens and global shutter system, is capable of simultaneously recording and playing back 4K images. Users also have the option of using the one output channel for 4K shots or output four 1080p HD-SDI.

While screens capable of displaying 4K images are years away from being widely available in homes, 4K cameras are increasing being adopted for cinema production and high end TV production. Sports networks ESPN have also been testing them for sports.