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Last NASA Shuttle Flight Gets 3D Treatment

The Space Shuttle Program is getting a 3D sendoff, with NASA putting a Panasonic's AG-3DA1 Full HD 3D camcorder on board the space shuttle Atlantis for the July 8 launch of the program's last shuttle flight.

During the flight, NASA astronauts plan to use the lightweight 3DA1 to document the International Space Station in 3D as well as a number of scientific experiments and activities.

In the run-up to the mission, which is the 135th and last shuttle flight of the Space Shuttle Program, NASA also used Panasonic's AG-3DA1 3D camcorders, BT-3DL2550 25.5" 3D LCD monitors and its Toughbook laptop computers to document the astronauts training and preparation.

"The amazing 3D images that the 3DA1 produces may allow a new and unique view of the exploration of space for many applications," noted John Baisley, EVP of Panasonic Solutions Company in a statement shortly after the launch. "Panasonic looks forward to sharing the compelling 3D footage from the Space Station with consumer and professional audiences worldwide to showcase the truly immersive experience that 3D can deliver."