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KWES Selects Utah Scientific for HD Upgrade

The West Texas NBC affiliate KWES-TV has deployed Utah Scientific equipment for master control, production control, and HD routing and distribution as part of HD upgrade. The installation is part of a group-wide upgrade by the station's owner, Drewry Communications Group, which is standardizing all of its facilities on Utah Scientific.

"Getting off the old analog equipment and upconverters and getting onto HD routing and distribution has made a significant difference in quality," noted Kevin Southern, KWES director of engineering in a statement. "We're night and day from where we were a couple of years ago."

As part of the upgrade, KWES installed an MCP-2020 multichannel master control panel; an MC-GUI; two MC-4000 master control processors with DVE, logo, and EAS capabilities; a UTAH-400 routing switcher V-144R frame loaded 112x56 for 3G/HD/SD; an SC-4 control system; UTAH-100/3 Series 3G/HD/SD distribution amplifiers; a UTAH-100X bypass router frame loaded 16x1; a TSG-490 Sync/Pattern generator; a SoftPanel-2 GUI; and various control panels, the vendor reported in its announcement of the upgrade.

The new equipment allows KWES to produce local programming in HD and insert HD logos, squeezebacks, and legal IDs. The Utah Scientific equipment also supports embedded audio, which streamlines the process of audio and video.