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KSL-TV Automates with NVerzion

The Salt
Lake City NBC affiliate KSL-TV has upgraded its operations with full automation
and expanded archival capabilities using technology from NVerzion. KSL-TV made
the upgrades primarily to better handle the management of a new independent
station, KJZZ.

"With the
operation of this new TV station we considered expanding our Omneon video
server but that would have cost more than $100,000 to handle that much
material," said KSL-TV Chief Engineer Brent Robinson in a statement. "So we
decided to go with a less expensive option and expand our archival system to be
able to handle the amount of video and audio material required to run this
independent station."

As part
of the upgrades, KSL-TV, which is owned by Deseret Media Company, installed the
NGest Gold dub station software, NPoint Gold video preparation software and
NControl MC master control software. To meet the station's newly expanded HD
and SD storage requirements, KSL also added NVerzion's TeraStore, which will
allow the station to easily expand its library.