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Kristin Dolan

BACKGROUND: Over 30 years at Cablevision Systems, Kristin Dolan learned the value of the data and analytics that can be gleaned from cable set-top boxes. “We were fortunate as buyers and sellers of advertising to have early insight into the impact of these capabilities,” she says. Dolan started out in sales and marketing for Rainbow Media, then Cablevision’s programming unit, moving to the MSO side in 2000. There, she helped launch such products as digital video, high-speed internet and voice service. Following Cablevision’s 2015 sale to European telecom conglomerate Altice, Dolan, who had been COO, and her husband James Dolan, Cablevision’s former CEO, founded a venture capital fund, Dolan Family Ventures, to invest in data, analytics and technology. In 2016, Dolan launched 605, the media measurement and analytics firm. “It’s clear there are major gaps in the legacy audience measurement services for television that have impacted both marketers and programmers,” she says.

2017 HIGHLIGHTS: While building its platform, technology and staff, 605 struck a key strategic data partnership with Charter Communications, providing access to one of the largest television data sets available. The two companies also developed a tool for Charter’s Spectrum Reach ad sales unit, Audience- App, to assist with audience planning and optimization. It’s being deployed across Charter markets for 1,500 salespeople. Also, 605 inked a deal with Cross MediaWorks to provide standardized reporting.

WHAT’S AHEAD: With its first major data partners on board, 605 will focus on building relationships with programmers, agencies and brands. The 605 team is working to provide more audience-based and data-driven TV advertising and more unified measurement. Dolan cited clients Uber and Walmart among companies that have successfully made the leap. “We can help inform [clients] on the impacts of their television investments in the same way they measure the impact of other advertising channels.”