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KLAS Joins Chyron Axis

KLAS, the CBS affiliate and Landmark-owned station in Las Vegas, is the latest broadcaster to adopt Chyron's Axis online graphics system, which lets journalists create template-based graphics on the desktop and delivers a finished product through the Internet.

Axis, which Chyron is selling as a SaaS (Software as a Service) package for creating broadcast quality news graphics, still or animated maps, bar and pie charts financial stock quotes, and weather graphics, has already been purchased by Gannett Broadcasting and the Fox station group as part of graphics centralization efforts by those groups.

"We now have traditional graphics people using Axis right alongside newscast producers and directors," said KLAS Creative Director Lee Minard in a statement. "The simplicity of use for creating over-the-shoulder and full screen graphics has allowed us to easily and cost-effectively create graphic content for our programs without sacrificing quality. Our primary usage is for news, although it does support some of our weather requirements as well."