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KCETLink Adds New Apps

Drawing on funding from The Bertha Foundation, public broadcaster and digital content provider KCETLink has launched several free apps that give users with access to global news, raw video and documentaries.

The apps, LinkTV World News, LinkTV Daily Doc and NewsMap, are currently available on iTunes or the Google Play App stores.

“Our new apps offer viewers and fans alike a way to stay connected to the world around them while on the go through up-to-the minute news video and global exchange of ideas,” said Wendy Hanamura, chief digital officer, KCETLink in a statement. “We’re pleased to make it easier for users to discover timely news and world events, as well as groundbreaking films via their mobile devices.”

The LinkTV World News App, which was launched in October of 2012 for iPad and is now available for both Apple and Android devices, offers global news. The LinkTV Daily Doc app provides access to KCETLink’s library of documentaries and NewsMap gives users the opportunity to see news at it breaks on a world map.