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KC Chiefs Acquire Panasonic Camcorders

NFL's Kansas City Chief's production department has acquired three
Panasonic AJ-HPX3000 native 1080p P2 HD camcorders for the team's
production department. The cameras are already being used to create web
material and to shoot a Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider, a 30 minute
magazine style show that airs on 10 broadcast stations in the Midwest,
including CBS affiliate KCTV 5 in Kansas City, MO.

The Chiefs shoot in 1080i at 60 frames a second and edit on eight Final Cut Pro work stations.

have five videographers working with the three camcorders and handling a
heavy shoot load of player and coast interviews, and documentary-style
features" noted Rob Alberino, vice president of media and marketing for
the Chiefs in a statement. "There is a negligible learning curve" and
the P2 workflow allows them to easily post material to their expanding
web site.

The team also needed the new cameras
because it is planning to add a second TV show next season and is
continually expanding its web content.