JVC Launches New ProHD Camcorder

JVC Professional Products Company is launching a new low-cost compact shoulder-mount camcorder, the GY-HM750U ProHD, priced at only $7,450 that the company hopes will speed up HD workflows and make it easier for stations to produce more HD footage from the field.

To speed up the process of delivering footage back to stations, the camera allows for recording in native HD or SD footage in a variety of ready-to-edit file formats on low cost SDHC cards and has a dual card slot design that is capable of simultaneous recording to two SDHC cards. JVC is also offering an optional ASI module for live transmission via microwave to the station.

A version of the camera specially designed for electronic news gathering, the GY-HM750LL, will be available to broadcast customers next month. Developed to assist television journalists when external lighting cannot be used, the camera comes with features designed to improve performance in low light situations.

"High definition has not yet been standardized in many markets, and a vital segment of broadcasters don't have the infrastructure to deliver HD from the field," said Craig Yanagi, national marketing and brand manager at the company in a statement. "That's why the new GY-HM750U offers the flexibility to record in 480i as well as a variety of HD formats. It can fulfill current SD needs while providing an seamless transition to HD in the future, all with the fastest and most efficient workflow available in the industry today."

The camera uses the same 3-CCD imaging system found in JVC's flagship GY-HM790U camcorder. The new GY-HM750U records at various data rates up to 35 Mbps and can handle a variety of formats, including 720p, 1080p, and 1080i HD, as well as SD footage (480i).

The GY-HM750U uses a modular design and includes a 68-pin chassis connector that eliminates the need for external cables between modules.

The new KA-AS790 ASI output module provides a direct feed from the camera to a satellite uplink or microwave transmitter, which is ideal for broadcasters that want live HD video from the field. The camera can be connected to the transmitter or uplink with a single cable and it automatically switches to low-latency mode when the module is in use.

The GY-HM750U suggested price tag of $7,450 includes a Canon 14:1 zoom lens.

It can be used with a variety of other lenses, including 10 lenses from Canon and Fujinon.