Jennifer Perri

BACKGROUND: Jennifer Perri is helping Hispanic media giant Univision reach younger generations via social media. A third-generation Hispanic who grew up watching Univision shows, she has a knack for discovering talent online. For Al Gore’s former cable channel Current TV, she produced user-generated content that “could bring in new voices and highlight people, whether Hispanics or women or people of color, who aren’t highlighted as often.” Many of those digital contributors were also creating content for YouTube, so in 2010, she set out to manage YouTube talent. Her client roster included YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles, whose channel has nearly 18 million subscribers. She went on to head Seventeen’s digital and social operations, a joint venture between Hearst and Awesomeness TV. These experiences paved the way for her to help launch the Univision Content Network, Univision’s digital in-house network and studio.

2017 HIGHLIGHTS: In two years, UCN’s talent roster has grown to more than 200 digital stars. In 2017, UCN’s content notched 4.2 billion views worldwide across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. It’s made significant headway with advertising and marketing efforts, including having Univision include its social stars in branded content and advertising campaigns across other media channels. In one example, UCN’s social influencer and makeup expert Rosy McMichael teamed up with Walgreens to give makeovers on Univision. McMichael plugged the appearance on her social channels and encouraged her fans to tune in.

WHAT’S AHEAD: Along with continuing to expand its network of influencers, Perri says a top priority is developing original content with some of UCN’s biggest online stars. “Some of them have a strong point of view and stories they want to tell, but with limited resources. Imagine what we can create with them if we can bring higher production values or more resources.” UCN also plans collaborations with Univision’s music division.