Italy's Mediaset Centralizes News Production

Italy's largest commercial broadcaster, Mediaset has selected Dalet's products to centralize and streamline all of the company's TV news operations, including a 24/7 news channel that it is planning to launch later this year.

"The ability to unify our news operations with the Dalet Enterprise Edition working on a single database will give us tremendous advantages," noted Mauro Cassanmagnago, deputy general manager, department of research and engineering at Mediaset in a statement. "Combined with Dalet's flexible, desktop production tools, we'll see immediate improvements and efficiencies in how our journalists, build, broadcast and share their stories. We'll also be able to better leverage the content for the launch of our 24/7 news channel and for other new media platforms."

As a result of the upgrade, Mediaset journalists throughout Italy and in-the-field will be able to use Dalet's desktop to browse wires, prepare text, edit video, and create voiceovers and packages.

In additional, a single Dalet Media Asset Management (MAM) platform will manage the activities of the entire news organization, improving the production process and making it easier to share, catalog and prepare content for multiple outlets.

Business partner and system integrator, Media Power, is working with Dalet to design and deploy the enterprise installation. "We are building the entire file-based workflow around Dalet Enterprise Edition," explained Marcello Dellepiane, president and CEO of Media Power Group. "The unified system will offer Mediaset much better control over content from story development to delivery [and] offers an attractive return on investment. Dalet's commitment to developing agile solutions that leverage IT-based technologies means Mediaset can scale and expand the system without the complications and added expense typical of proprietary products."

The rollout of the Dalet MAM platform will begin with the installation of Dalet's story-centric newsroom, video production and playout tools in Milan for the Studio Aperto channel and for Mediaset's newly created central news agency, which is its hub for news gathering, video production and feeds to the regional channels and web operations.

The deployment will then be expanded to include all 10 of Mediaset's regional stations as well as its planned 24-hour news channel.