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I.Predictus Launches B.E.S.T.

has officially launched its predictive media buying tool, B.E.S.T. (Buy.Evaluate.Sell.Test.)
that utilizes its big data platform to improve the returns on direct response

tool had been in beta tests.

a statement, CEO Monica C. Smith noted that direct response TV is currently in
"a painful state" thanks to "high media costs, fragmented viewership, and a
lack of innovation" and that the new media buying tool would help overcome
those problems with better data to "give a clear ROI in near real time."

sometimes fear data inundation," said Christine Oliveri, VP client services,
operations at I.Predictus in a statement. "Our platform is designed to make
data accessible, manageable, actionable, and therefore accountable. This is a
tool that executives and marketers will use each and every day to reach their
target audience and boost revenue."