INVISION Adds Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings

INVISION announced today that it will work with Nielsen to provide a cross-platform advertising inventory liability management system that will use Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings to measure and fulfill television campaign guarantees via online advertising.

Launched in August, Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings combines traditional Nielsen TV and online panel data with aggregated, anonymous demographic information from participating online data providers. It is the only Internet measurement system accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) that provides GRPs for online advertising campaigns. This allows consistent cross-platform reach and frequency metrics.

As a result of the partnership, customers using INVISION's DealMaker Stewardship product to manage television audience guarantees will be able to seamlessly transfer liability from television deals to online campaigns planned and managed through INVISION's DealMaker Digital sales system or through other digital sales systems.

"Today's advertisers, agencies and publishers want an accurate and consistent measurement to understand what audiences their campaigns reach across media to deliver improved ROI," said Steve Hasker, president, media products and advertiser solutions at Nielsen, in a statement. "This collaboration of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings with INVISION will allow, for the first time, clients to identify the best inventory for audience reach across media to satisfy ad guarantees in an efficient, effective manner."

"Traditionally, when TV buys fail to reach their audience guarantees this liability has been satisfied with additional TV inventory," added Lynda Clarizio, CEO of INVISION, in a statement. "Because of growing constraints on that platform and the promise of online advertising, networks have seen a growing opportunity to transfer this liability online. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provides a standard GRP across platforms so that online can be measured the same way we measure GRPs on TV, and INVISION is the first partner providing a seamless method for processing this liability transfer."